IP Integration

At Sintegra we understand that you may have IP from a different vendor or vendors. First we protect that with utmost care as our highest priority to keep our clients safe. There are many IP vendors as well as some internal IP with some of our clientele and we work to integrate that into the designs.  


There are challenges associated with external IP vendors and we work hard to identify issues up front and to work with our customers and the IP vendors to come up with a working solution.  Here are some challenges for sure based on experience:

  • Soft IP vs Hard IP

  • Test capabilities

  • Power domain

  • Power connections (grid or dedicated power)

  • Power up and down sequence

  • Physically DRC clean

  • Meet process specific checks (density checks, spacing checks)

  • Create default noise models if not present

  • Create antenna rules if not present

  • Meet IP library timing requirements

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